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NBCNews.com profiles a chemotherapy patient with signature silver locks at risk of losing her hair.

CBSNews.com brings national attention to Cold Caps with praise from both doctors and patients.

CNN.com presents Cold Caps as a new option for avoiding the trauma of hair loss.

The New York Times features Cold Caps.

Dignitana announces Medicare will begin reimbursing chemotherapy facilities for the cost of machine scalp cooling.

The Rapunzel Project was showcased on Good Morning America!


Feb. 2023 – Hear the story behind The Rapunzel Project on the Alopecia Angel podcast.

It all began when one of our cofounders experienced a fantasy come true — keeping her hair during chemo. Learn how this incredible event inspired our name and mission. Learn more.

Feb. 2023 – After cold cap success, this patient is paying it forward.

Cold caps helped this breast cancer survivor keep her hair. See how she’s helping others do the same. Learn more.

Feb. 2023 – Groundbreaking study examines cold cap effectiveness for women of color.

Meet a breast cancer patient in one of the first clinical trials on cold cap success for women of color. Learn more.

Dec. 2022 — Actress who used cold caps elated with hair growth results after treatment.

Actress Alicia Witt discusses how cold caps helped minimize loss as much as 45%, allowing her to continue working while undergoing treatments. Learn more.

Dec. 2022 — Cancer Center sees encouraging results in ongoing clinical trial studying hair loss in Black and Latina cancer patients.

The new study is aimed at investigating the effectiveness of scalp-cooling techniques to help protect women with textured hair from losing hair during chemotherapy. Learn more.

Nov. 2022 — Breast cancer survivor creates non-profit focused on providing financial assistance to patients wanting cold caps.

Liz Lord, a breast cancer survivor herself, created Cold Capital Fund, a non-profit geared toward helping patients pay for as much as half the cost of cold caps. Learn more.

Nov. 2022 — Nassau trio teams up to create Caps of Courage to help female cancer patients.

Realizing the incredible difference cold caps make, but often at a price many can’t afford, three Nassau women, including a former cancer patient, raise funds to purchase caps for women. Learn more.

Oct. 2022 — Past cold cap users help other patients get cold caps too.

Cap & Conquer’s founders include several cancer survivors who saved their hair with cold caps. Now they give back by raising funds with a golf tournament to help provide cold caps to other patients. Learn more.

July 2022 – Cold caps give peace of mind to cancer patient during her second fight.

After losing her hair during her first battle with cancer, one Ohio woman turned to cold caps when her cancer returned. Learn more.

July 2022 – A Texas musician sings praise for cold caps.

After discovering her cancer diagnosis, a country singer sought out cold cap therapy to help keep her hair. Learn more.

May 2022 – Soon, scalp cooling treatments will be available at home.

Cooler Heads has developed the first cold cap patients can use at home, cutting down on their time in the chair. Learn more.

May 2022 – A community rallies to raise funds for scalp cooling therapy.

After experiencing the benefits of cold cap treatment for herself, one Tampa cancer patient started raising money with the Team Tony Cancer Foundation to help more patients afford it. Learn more.

May 2022 – Scalp cooling coverage bill advancing in New York State.

You can read the read the policy statement by the American Medical Association here. Learn More.

May 2022 – Bill introduced to promote scalp cooling therapy.

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro has introduced a bill that would require health insurance to provide coverage for scalp cooling treatments for cancer patients. Learn More.

May 2022 – Patients express high satisfaction with cold cap treatment.

After evaluating the research, Froedtert West Bend Cancer Center began offering cold cap to cancer patients and receiving great reviews. Learn More.

Feb. 2022 – Gunderson Health System now using DigniCap Scalp Cooling System.

Selected after extensive research, this hair-saving method is available to all eligible chemotherapy patients. Learn More.

Feb. 2022 – This Unmillenial Life talks about cold caps.

In a recent episode of their podcast, This Unmillenial Life interviews Nancy Marshall from The Rapunzel Project. Learn More.

Feb. 2022 – Napa hospital begins offering cold caps.

Providence Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa Valley is helping its cancer patients keep their hair during treatment with the DigniCap system. Learn More.

Dec. 2021 – Cold caps keep mother of two feeling "feminine and beautiful" during treatment

See how cold caps made the chemotherapy experience less distressing for Alana Doctor. Learn More.

Dec. 2021 – Scalp Cooling Q&A, Part 2

Blogger/podcaster Regan Jones continues the discussion by interviewing a friend about her experience (and success) with the cold cap process. Learn More.

Dec. 2021 – Beaufort Memorial Hospital explains how scalp cooling caps work

Learn about scalp cooling and follow Dr. Hope Rugo of University of California, San Francisco, as she shows how this technology can help patients keep their hair. Learn more.

Dec. 2021 – Amma gains FDA clearance for use by cancer patients

The newly FDA-cleared scalp cooling device, Amma, was designed to be affordable and more accessible to chemo patients everywhere. Learn more.

Dec. 2021 – Scalp Cooling Q&A, Part 1

Blogger/podcaster Regan Jones discusses the most popular scalp cooling questions with Dignitana's VP of Corporate Communications. Learn more.

Sep. 2021 – DigniCaps® come to cancer center in Riverview, Fla.

St. Joseph’s Hospital-South is now offering cancer patients access to the DigniCap system during treatment to help them keep their hair during chemo. Read more.

Sep. 2021 – Arlington home tour raises money for cancer patients

Kitchen Kapers raises money to cover 75% of the cost of cold caps to help local patients keep their hair during treatment. Learn more.

Aug. 2021 – Cold caps help mother of four keep her hair throughout treatment.

See how cold caps helped Krystal Galindo keep her hair as she celebrates the end of her chemo treatment. Watch and read more.

Aug. 2021 – Tampa hospital starts using cold caps.

Following a published FDA trial with positive results, St. Joseph’s Hospital has begun offering DigniCaps to cancer patients undergoing compatible treatments. Learn more.

Jul. 2021 – Hospital seeks to make cold caps more affordable.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital hosted a fundraiser to help women receiving chemo treatment pay for hair-saving cold cap treatment. Read more.

Jun. 2021 – Cancer survivor brings awareness to cold caps at local fundraising walk.

Samantha Bouchard and her team, Sammy’s Super Heroes, have come together to support current cancer patients financially and emotionally. Learn more.

Jun. 2021 – Dignitana is working to expand reimbursement for scalp cooling treatment.

With the help of the JD Lymon Group, Dignitana is creating a reimbursement hub and an insurance appeal support program to help cancer patients afford the treatment they need to keep their hair. Read more.

Jun. 2021 – Athena Cosmetics creates a $100,000 grant to bring cold caps to cancer patients.

Samantha Bouchard and her team, Sammy’s Super Heroes, have come together to support current cancer patients financially and emotionally. Learn more.

Jun. 2021 – Cold caps helped cancer patient feel like she was still herself.

See how a grandmother was able to keep her hair and her self-esteem throughout her cancer treatment. Read more.

May 2021 – Cooling caps are coming to Cancer Partners of Nebraska.

Cancer Partners of Nebraska is bringing DigniCaps® to its locations throughout greater Nebraska, helping cancer patients keep their hair while undergoing treatment. Learn more.

Apr. 2021 – A Michigan nonprofit organization is helping cancer patients afford cold caps.

With four founders having used cold caps during their cancer treatment, Cap & Conquer is making it easier for other patients to pay for their own treatment. Learn more.

Apr. 2021 – Texas is closer to requiring insurance coverage to pay for scalp cooling treatment.

A Texas bill requiring insurance plans cover scalp cooling treatment for cancer patients has passed a major hurdle and will soon move on to the Texas Senate. Read more.

Apr. 2021 – DigniCap® helps mom fight cancer confidently, like a “Viking woman.”

See how cold caps are giving a Steamboat Springs, Colorado, mom hope that she’ll keep her long hair throughout her fight with cancer. Learn more.

Feb. 2021 – A new study is helping innovators design a more effective cold cap.

There’s new evidence that chemotherapy absorption is reduced dramatically by scalp cooling treatment and shows the difference a few degrees can make. Learn more.

Feb. 2021 – Cold cap treatment could be coming to your home.

A new, smaller and better-fitting cold cap that can be used at home is being developed in Ireland. Read more.

Feb. 2021 – Get an in-depth look at the science of scalp cooling.

Curious about how scalp cooling works? Discover the biology behind this hair-saving treatment. Learn more.

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