Nov 2016 - Women are proud to have “hat head” thanks to hair-saving Cold Cap Therapy.

FDA-approved Cold Caps are experiencing a rise in popularity among American women thanks to increased awareness. Read the article here.

Nov. 2016 - Dignitana AB lands three key contracts in U.S. for scalp cooling.

Demand for the FDA-cleared DigniCap® system continues to be strong. Read the article here.

Nov. 2016 - HealthCareBusiness Daily News online posts an informative mini-documentary about Cold Caps on their site.

A supporting article addresses the success of the "Mt. Sinai trials," a study where 70% of patients kept their hair with Cold Caps. Read the article and watch the video here.

Oct. 2016 - brings national attention to Cold Caps with praise from both doctors and patients.

In addition, the CBS reporter’s wife provides an emotional interview about her experience with cancer and Cold Caps. Read the story and watch the report here.

Oct. 2016 - A salon owner working with Tampa General Hospital, Florida Cancer Center and The Rapunzel Project brings more Cold Caps and freezers to Tampa Bay.

CBS Channel 10 in Tampa/Sarasota reports that her efforts have already helped a young mother save her hair. Read the story and watch the report here.

Oct. 2016 - A Cold Caps user said that keeping her hair made her feel “as normal as possible under incredibly difficult circumstances.” shares pictures of patients, Cold Caps and various doctor and patient testimonials. Read the article here.

Oct. 2016 - CBS Austin shares the story of a bride-to-be that is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thanks to an organization called “Hair to Stay,” she received complimentary Cold Caps treatments and saved her hair. Read the story here.

Oct. 2016 - With only three treatments left to go, a Virginia cancer patient feels empowered and inspires other local cancer patients to never give up. interviews a cancer patient currently using Arctic Cold Caps to save her hair. Read the story here.

Oct. 2016 - Las Vegas Review Journal online speaks with a patient that has had cancer twice - once as a child and once as an adult.

At only 32 years old, she’s determined to keep her hair this time around using Penguin Cold Caps. Read the story here.

Oct. 2016 - NBC News 26 in Appleton, Wisconsin, features the latest technology advancements for cancer patients, including Cold Caps.

The first patient from ThedaCare Cancer Center to use Cold Caps shares her personal experience. Read the story and watch the report here.

Oct. 2016 - The reports a huge increase in local awareness for Cold Caps after last year’s “Breast Cancer Gala Dinner.”

Thanks to local fundraising efforts, two out of three hospitals in Grand Cayman now offer Cold Caps programs. Read the story here.

Sept. 2016 - Colorado’s NBC News 4 interviews a patient fighting to keep her hair - and winning, thanks to DigniCaps®.

Now FDA approved, some insurance companies are covering treatment. At UCHealth, the goal is to get the cost down to $25. Read the story and watch the video here.

Aug. 2016 - Fundraiser "Men for the Cure" will be hosted by former QB Peyton Manning with most proceeds going toward DigniCap® treatments for breast cancer patients.

The writes how this “gentlemen-only” event has raised over $2.2 million toward fighting breast cancer. Read the story here.

Aug. 2016 - Colorado’s NBC News 9 interviews a mammographer in New Mexico diagnosed with breast cancer that drives seven hours to Colorado for DigniCap® treatments.

University of Colorado Health is the only facility in her area with Cold Caps; however, local fundraisers hope to change that soon. Read the story and watch the video here.

Aug. 2016 - The publishes an article about Cold Caps written by Dr. Timothy Kasunic of the Toledo Clinic.

The Toledo Clinic Cancer Center was the very first site nationwide to use the DigniCap® system since FDA approval. Read the article here.

July 2016 - Hope S. Rugo, MD, a professor of medicine and director of breast oncology and clinical trials education, discusses FDA approval of Cold Caps with "Oncology Nursing News®" online.

Professor Rugo spotlights the increase in national and worldwide awareness and implementation of Cold Caps throughout various organizations and industries. Watch the interview here.

July 2016 - posts details about a “Cut-a-thon Fundraiser” benefitting The Rapunzel Project.

All proceeds will go to help purchase freezers for cancer centers to provide Cold Caps to patients. Read the story here.

July 2016 - The Breast Cancer Foundation donates 50 Cold Caps and a biometric freezer for storage to The Cayman Islands Hospital.

The interviews Janette Fitzgerald from the Breast Cancer Foundation about her role in bringing Cold Caps to Cayman Islands chemotherapy patients. Read the story here.

July 2016 - Real Simple magazine shares the amazing story of Casey, a cervical cancer survivor and Cold Caps user.

Keeping her hair during chemotherapy inspired and empowered Casey to start “doing things her way” after beating cancer. View the pdf here.

June 2016 - Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center is the first and only cancer center in Michigan to offer the DigniCap®.

Thanks to extensive fundraising, the hair-saving technology is offered free of charge to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Read the story here.

June 2016 - The Daily Mail shares a success story about a breast cancer patient in Western Australia involved in an extensive DigniCap® clinical trial.

The clinical trial is the first in Australia to examine the success of scalp cooling with different chemotherapy treatments and cooling temperatures. Read the story here.

May 2016 - The announces that Cold Caps will be highlighted at the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation’s gala dinner in October.

The "pink tie" event will have "Sex in the City’s" Cynthia Nixon as the featured guest speaker. Read the story here.

May 2016 - ABC in New York features Cold Caps as part of their “Medical Marvels” edition.

A DigniCap® clinical trial participant has great success in keeping her hair - and healthy appearance. Read the article and watch the video here.

May 2016 - details the Cold Cap process, praising the comfort — and success — it brings to patients.

The article also features the DigniCap® program that helps patients subsidize the costs. Read the story here.

April 2016 - The speaks with oncologists and patients at Mount Sinai Medical Center about Cold Caps.

Mount Sinai is currently the only comprehensive cancer center in South Florida to offer the DigniCap® and one of only 10 in the entire U.S. Read the story here.

April 2016 - Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut has received a $36,032 grant from a charitable organization to help fund breast cancer services, like Cold Caps. reports that the donation provided by “Pink Aid” will enable 30 breast cancer patients to receive Cold Cap Therapy. Read the article here.

Mar. 2016 - First 10 U.S. locations have been installed!

DigniCap® receives FDA approval. Read the story here.

Feb. 2016 - recaps an ABC Channel 7 San Francisco news report about Cold Caps.

The article highlights the philanthropic efforts of three Jewish women and a local salon owner, plus Cold Cap Therapy testimonials from cancer survivors. Read the story or watch the report here.

Feb. 2016 - spotlights Adrienne Frost, the first breast cancer patient in the United States to wear FDA approved Cold Caps.

Dr. Virginia Kaklamani from The Cancer Therapy Research Center in San Antonio will be helping Adrienne through the very first non-clinical trial using the scalp-cooling therapy.Read the story and view the slideshow here.

Feb. 2016 - highlights the efforts of three female Jewish philanthropists that helped get Cold Caps into clinical trials.

Their ultimate goal is to establish a national fund to help women that cannot afford Cold Cap Therapy treatments. Read the story here.

Feb. 2016 - HLN TV host, Nancy Grace, features a story about her friend and two-time breast cancer patient that is a huge proponent of Cold Caps.

The woman, a respected psychologist, believes saving your hair can be just as important as saving your life. Watch the video here.

Feb. 2016 - in San Francisco interviews a cancer survivor that said Cold Caps kept her spirits up and anxiety levels down.

The article also features a Bay area salon owner who is donating profits to help subsidize Cold Caps for lower-income women. Read the story or watch the news report here.

Dec. 2015 -, an independent publication by a group of doctors and biomed engineers, reports on the FDA approval and results of the DigniCap® system.

Seven out of 10 patients with early stage breast cancer kept at least 50% of their hair. Read the story here.

Dec. 2015 - declares DigniCap® FDA approval as “one step towards normalcy for patients undergoing chemotherapy.”

The article provides detailed interviews with patients and medical professionals praising the hair-saving technology. Read the story here.

Dec. 2015 - describes DigniCap® as an “amazing device” that helps chemotherapy patients keep their hair.

The article outlines the Cold Cap process and interviews a participant from the FDA trials. Read the story here.

Dec. 2015 - Glamour interviews Dr. Hope Rugo, principal investigator of the DigniCap® study, who discusses the recent clinical trial results.

Seven out of 10 women kept 50% or more of their hair with one participant claiming the Cold Caps helped maintain her psychological wellbeing. Read the story here.

Nov. 2015 - A blogger undergoing chemotherapy tests Cold Caps with friends on a road trip from Connecticut to New York.

Despite a friend with carsickness and a very confused driver, the Cold Caps work and she saves her hair. Read the story here.

Nov. 2015 - WCPO in Cincinnati interviews a young woman diagnosed with cancer preparing to use Cold Caps to save her hair.

Through Facebook and a blog, the woman plans to detail her Cold Cap Therapy and chemotherapy experience. Watch the video or read the story here.

Oct. 2015 - CBS in Salt Lake City interviews a “Project Shine” model that recently saved her hair using Cold Caps.

She said the Cold Caps allowed her to appear healthy and strong while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Watch the video here or read the story here.

Oct. 2015 - A Wellington, Florida woman tells her “hair tale” using Cold Caps to save her hair.

The Palm Beach Post writes that she bought the caps online and was proud to report only mild hair loss. Read the story here.

Oct. 2015 - ABC News in Minneapolis discusses the state of cancer, current research findings, chemotherapy options and Cold Cap Therapy for hair loss.

A trained “Capper” demonstrates Cold Caps on a young woman undergoing chemotherapy. Watch the video here.

Oct. 2015 - A New York City-based “hair-saving superhero” and Cold Cap dedicated Capper writes about her mission on

The woman praises Cold Cap technology and has personally helped many male and female chemotherapy patients save their hair. Read the blog here.

Oct. 2015 - Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog,, advises those facing chemo to consider Cold Caps as a possible way to save their hair and dignity.

The Rapunzel Project is mentioned as a nonprofit with a single mission - to make scalp-cooling technology available to as many cancer patients as possible. Read the blog here.

Oct. 2015 -, a salon industry website, informs stylists about Cold Caps so they can recommend the hair-saving treatment to clients undergoing chemotherapy.

Also mentioned is the Rapunzel Project partnership with Kenra Professional. Select products will feature the Rapunzel Project logo with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. Read the article here.

Oct. 2015 - CBS News in Muncie, Indiana interviews a two-time cancer survivor that used Cold Caps to save her hair.

She believes more hospitals should purchase the required special freezers so it’s easier on cancer patients and their families. Read the article and watch the video here.

Aug. 2015 - helps educate the hairdresser community by covering different Cold Cap therapy options.

Targeting both chemotherapy patients and hairdressers, this informative article details the Cold Cap process and provides valuable links. Read the story here.

July 2015 - A daughter likes her Mom’s “funny cap” that helps keeps her hair during chemotherapy.

The Pittsburgh breast cancer patient credits DigniCaps for “keeping normalcy in her family.” Read the story here.

July 2015 - Women with metastatic disease (cancer cells that are known to be spreading) can receive FREE helpful tips for saving their hair by participating in Cold Cap Therapy.

After learning about Cold Caps while undergoing chemotherapy, she not only saved her hair, but actually experienced re-growth. Watch the video or read the story here.

June 2015 - The founder of Cold Caps Assistance Projects, a non-profit that provides financial assistance to Cold Cap users, is interviewed by “Austin Live.”

After learning about Cold Caps while undergoing chemotherapy, she not only saved her hair, but actually experienced re-growth. Watch the video here.

June 2015 - A Telemundo news report finds that Cold Caps can help improve self-esteem.

The video, published in Spanish, reveals that emotional wellness is an important benefit of the hair-saving technology. Watch the video here.

June 2015 - DigniCap® reports on completed phase 2 clinical trial; Cold Caps are safe and efficacious!

The study presented to ASCO reports that over 70% of breast cancer chemotherapy patients prevented hair loss. View the study summary here.

June 2015 - reports that Cold Caps could be fully FDA-approved sometime in July 2015.

Also profiled is a young mom who finds the strength to fight cancer by saving her hair with Cold Caps. Watch the video or read the story here.

May 2015 - profiles a chemotherapy patient with signature silver locks at risk of losing her hair.

Cold Caps helped the woman “look like herself” while undergoing a life-saving treatment. Watch the video or read the story here.

May 2015 - Indianapolis doctor and two-time breast cancer patient used Cold Caps to save her hair.

She feels more people need to know about the effectiveness of Cold Caps. Watch the video or read the story here.

Apr. 2015 - The American Society of Clinical Oncology presents the FDA study data in Chicago with encouraging results.

In addition, the article covers the evolution and intricacies of Cold Cap Therapy. Read the story here.

Apr. 2015 - Former mayor of Gainesville, FL, puts hair loss in a deep freeze using Penguin Cold Caps.

Fox News Orlando showcases her success with Penguin Cold Caps. Watch the video here.

Apr. 2015 - The Houston Chronicle online covers Baylor’s Paxman Hair Loss Prevention System study using Cold Caps.

Scientists hope to collect enough positive data to submit for FDA approval in 2016. Read the story here.

Apr. 2015 - A producer for “The Meredith Vieira Show” creates a “vlog” (video log) documenting her battle with breast cancer and experience with Cold Caps.

See how “Cappy” demonstrates the ease of using Cold Caps. View the vlog or watch the video.

Mar. 2015 - Throat cancer patient shares her Cold Cap story with National Public Radio.

She believes keeping her hair gave her strength during her battle with cancer. Listen to the interview and read the story here.

Mar. 2015 - A blog featured on the New York Times’ website gets right to the untangled truth of the hair-saving therapy.

From positive Cold Cap user testimonials to the results of a recent clinical trial, groundwork is laid for an FDA approval. Read the story here.

Mar. 2015 - Pro snowboarder and Cold Cap advocate, Megan Porcheron, releases her documentary at the 2015 X Games Aspen.

She credits “cold capping” for giving her “a little bit of power and control” during chemotherapy. Read the story here.

Mar. 2015 - A blogger for the Mother Nature Network shares a personal story about a friend’s experience with Cold Caps.

She recommends the scalp cooling technology for patients concerned about losing their hair, privacy and identity. Read the story here.

Mar. 2015 - Youth Health Magazine provides a detailed overview of the Cold Cap process.

The article compares the subtle differences between the DigniCap and Penguin Cold Cap. Read the story here.

Mar. 2015 - references a New York Times article regarding Cold Cap therapy testing at Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut.

In two years of testing, 15 women lost no more than 20% of hair on their head. Read the story here.

Mar. 2015 - covers a New York Times article that discusses cutting-edge, hair-saving technology (Cold Caps) for chemo patients.

The article notes that if the FDA approves Cold Cap therapy soon, patients could receive an insurance reimbursement. Read the story and watch the video here.

Feb. 2015 - Two San Antonio women describe their successful experience with Cold Caps.

Both felt that keeping their hair helped keep their illness private. Watch the video or read the story here.

Jan. 2015 - The findings of a recent study show that Cold Cap Therapy could save your hair and is harmless when combined with chemotherapy drugs.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information publishes results of a study involving 1,370 breast cancer patients. Read the data summary here.

Jan. 2015 - A pro snowboarder diagnosed with breast cancer chronicles her successful treatment with Cold Caps and chemotherapy.

Her documentary, “Chasing Sunshine,” debuted January 21, 2015, in conjunction with the X Games. Read the story here.

Dec. 2014 - A cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy chooses not “to be the girl in the room with the scarf.”

Thanks to Cold Caps she is able to save her hair and keep her dignity. Read the story here.

Dec. 2014 - When a Boston woman couldn’t get Cold Caps in her area, Cold Caps came to her.

With the help of her husband and community, she is able to receive treatments and save her hair. Watch the video or read the story here.

Dec. 2014 - When a breast cancer patient is asked to be a bridesmaid, Penguin Cold Caps help save her hair - and the day.

She is able to wear her hair both up and down, achieving one stylish victory. Read the article here.

Nov. 2014 - Royal Surrey County Hospital in the UK orders more DigniCap machines based on overwhelmingly positive results.

A British nurse and accountant discuss their personal successes in keeping their hair using Cold Caps. Watch the video or read the story here.

Oct. 2014 - Faced with losing her beautiful silver mane of hair, a Connecticut chemotherapy patient moves her treatment to a NYC hospital with DigniCaps.

Now cancer-free, she said hair loss would have been psychologically devastating for her. Click here to read the story.

Oct. 2014 - A stage 2 breast cancer survivor discusses her experience with chemotherapy and preventing hair loss.

She credits Norwalk Hospital, the only hospital in Connecticut offering Penguin Cold Cap treatments, with saving her hair. View the video and read the story here.

Oct. 2014 - Thanks to Cold Caps, a nurse stands proudly alongside the San Diego Chargers with all of her hair.

After four treatments, she keeps all of her hair for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Watch the video or read the story here.

Oct. 2014 - At Morrison Medical Center, 3-D mammographies are saving lives; Penguin/Elasto-Gel Cold Caps are saving hair.

The technology-focused center is one of three FDA testing locations where Cold Cap clinical trials are underway. Watch the video or read the story here.

Oct. 2014 - A New Jersey freelance fashion stylist and chemotherapy patient sets a new trend with Cold Caps.

After six chemotherapy infusions, she retains almost all of her hair. Click here to read the story.

Oct. 2014 - University of California, San Francisco holds clinical trial of Dignicap scalp-cooling technology.

The hair-loss prevention caps could be approved for release in the U.S. by next year. Click here for the full story.

Oct. 2014 - A lawyer undergoing chemotherapy uses Penguin Cold Caps to save her hair and her career.

To avoid looking sick or weak to her clients, she successfully retained her hair with the help of cold caps. Watch the video and read the story here.

Oct. 2014 - Cancer Treatment Centers of America blog details The Rapunzel Project’s mission.

Readers can link to important resources like Penguin Cold Caps and search for nearby hospitals with cold cap freezers. Click here to read the story.

Sept. 2014 - A Colorado doctor endorses Cold Cap Therapy.

Dr. Virginia Borges weighs the benefits of “preserving some sense of normalcy” in young female chemotherapy patients. Watch the video and read the story here.

Sept. 2014 - CBS Denver interviews a young breast cancer patient who attributed her speedy recovery to Penguin Cold Caps.

After five months of chemotherapy, she still has nearly all of her hair. Click here to view the story.

Sept. 2014 - A Southern Californian magazine tells chemotherapy patients to “cool down” and save their hair with Penguin Cold Caps.

Valley Scene Magazine features an educational article for those just discovering Penguin Cold Caps. Click here for the full story.

June 2014 - Cancer Today magazine recognizes the rise in popularity, and effectiveness, of scalp cooling.

The article highlights a Cold Cap user undergoing chemotherapy, who surprises her skeptical oncologist with a full head of hair. Click here to read the article.

May 2014 - Three Atlanta cancer survivors share their success stories with Penguin Cold Caps.

Their goal is to spread awareness and inspire current chemotherapy patients looking to save their hair. Watch the video and read the story here.

May 2014 - A Kansas City teacher turns heads with her incredible response to Cold Caps.

After six rounds of chemotherapy, almost all of her hair remains intact. Watch the video and read the story here.

May 2014 - A local Cleveland woman undergoing chemotherapy raves about her experience with Cold Caps.

According to a Cleveland Cold Cap user, “A bad hair day is better than a ‘no hair’ day.” Watch the video and read the story.

Apr. 2014 - Weill Cornell Breast Center, in NYC, is one of four hospitals testing DigniCaps™.

Testing is already under way, and results are promising— especially for one chemotherapy patient. Watch the video and read the article.

Apr. 2014 - A Minnesota woman, devastated with a cancer diagnosis and the unexpected loss of her husband, finds hope through Cold Cap Therapy.

Thanks to financial support from family and friends, she is able to use cold caps and save her hair. Watch the video and read the report.

Mar. 2014 - Doctors are testing the Paxman scalp cooling system at Baylor College of Medicine.

Over two hundred stage 1 & 2 breast cancer patients are scheduled to participate. Watch the video and read the article.

Feb. 2014 - A UCSF Physician Uses Cold Cap System to Save Her Own Hair.

A doctor becomes the patient as she completes her second round of a Cold Cap clinical trial. Watch the video and read the report.

Feb. 2014 - A Breast Cancer Patient Finds Incredible Success with Penguin Cold Caps.

After weeks of chemotherapy, she still has all of her hair. Read the article.

Nov. 2013 - Traders4ACause!

Thanks to the associates and clients of CenterPoint Securities, who donated $21,000 to us this fall. Click here for full story.

Oct. 2013 - A supporter of the Rapunzel Project has created a heartfelt PSA promoting Cold Cap Therapy.

The video has aired in several states and has thousands of hits on YouTube. Watch the spot here.

Oct. 2013 - A South Tampa, FL hair salon holds its third annual fundraiser benefitting The Rapunzel Project.

The money will go towards purchasing biomedical freezers to support chemotherapy patients who use cold cap therapy. Read the story.

Sept. 2013 - Los Angeles NBC 4 News features a current Penguin Cold Cap user undergoing treatment.

She has already experienced positive results wearing her “frozen helmet.” Watch the interview.

Sept. 2013 - Beauty Launchpad magazine interviews Shirley Billigmeier, Co-founder of the Rapunzel Project.

Shirley recounts her personal battle with breast cancer and her discovery of Penguin Cold Cap technology. Read the article.

Aug. 2013 - A former pro snowboarder diagnosed with breast cancer trades her winter hat for a Cold Cap.

After 16 chemotherapy treatments, she kept her hair. Watch the video and read the report.

Aug. 2013 - Penguin Cold Caps help a New Iberia woman save her hair and lift her spirits.

She didn’t want to be known as a survivor—she wanted to be known as herself. Read the article.

Aug. 2013 - An Indiana salon owner’s fundraiser raises $1,000 and receives a biomedical freezer specifically for Penguin Cold Caps.

Now she faces the challenge of finding the freezer a home. Read the article.

Aug. 2013 - USA Today features a Penguin Cold Caps segment with patient interviews on their website.

Cold Cap users discuss their positive experiences and demonstrate Cold Cap technology in action. Watch the video.

Aug. 2013 - ASCO publishes clinical trial results.

Weill Cornell Breast Center reports excellent results with Penguin Cold Caps and TC. Review the findings.

July 2013 - The Miami Herald features two Cold Cap success stories.

Both patients agreed that preserving their hair helped project an image of strength internally and among others. Read the full article.

July 2013 - News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City covers a former cancer patient’s struggle to save her hair during chemotherapy.

She attributes Cold Caps to her success. Watch the video and read the report.

July 2013 - The Winston-Salem Journal reports: Dignicap ready to conduct a second round of clinical trials.

Cold Cap technology takes a step closer toward FDA clearance. Learn more.

June 2013 - ABC 15 News in Phoenix covers Penguin Cold Caps.

A Google search connects a cancer patient to Penguin Cold Caps and helps save her hair. Read the full story.

June 2013 - features a Colorado cancer patient’s success with Cold Cap Therapy.

Keeping her hair leads to an easier transition back into her life before cancer. Read the article.

June 2013 - The Channel 11 News Team in Baltimore features a local doctor’s efforts to bring Cold Cap Therapy to all of her patients.

Dr. Young Lee discusses her “Red Devils Caps of Love Fund.” View the report.

May 2013 - Watch a woman at Baylor Sammons Cancer Center, in Dallas, use Cold Caps to save her hair, with her doctor's support.

Debbye Gregory explains the importance of keeping her hair while enduring chemotherapy. View the segment.

May 2013 - Watch a demonstration of Penguin Cold Cap technology featured on the CBS show “The Doctors.”

Plus, a cancer survivor explains why saving her hair made all the difference during chemotherapy treatments. Watch the video.

May 2013 - A local salon fundraiser helps bring more Cold Cap freezers to the Detroit area.

Inspired by Penguin Cold Cap users, Formula Salon raises money and awareness. Read the blog.

Apr. 2013 - A single Mom and breast cancer survivor promotes Penguin Cold Caps using her blog.

Mary Ellen aims to dispel rumors that question the effectiveness of cold cap therapy. Click here to read the blog.

Apr. 2013 - CRAAB! Empowering People Affected by Breast Cancer profiles a cancer survivor’s story with Penguin Caps.

She’s “doing it her way.” The promise of Penguin Caps delivers beyond expectations. Click here to read the story.

Jan. 2013 - Thanks to Kenra® Professional and their incredible salon partners for raising $100,000 to support our cause!

Dec. 2012 - Research presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium supports hair loss prevention effectiveness.

Nearly all patients keep their hair after DigniCap System™ (Cold Cap) treatments. Get the details here.

Dec. 2012 - The DigniCap™ (Cold Cap) system study is published in the Journal of Cancer Research.

Scientists find the DigniCap™ system to be both safe and effective for most Stage I BC patients. Read the report here.

Nov. 2012 - WBAL TV, in Baltimore, interviews a local doctor and her cancer patient about Cold Cap Therapy.

Dr. Young Lee is a big advocate of Cold Cap Therapy, keeping freezers in both her Baltimore and Annapolis clinics. Watch the WBAL news report here.

Oct. 2012 - Fox News features a Whitefish Bay, WI salon holding fundraisers for The Rapunzel Project.

Harpo’s salon raises over $4,700 in just two months for The Rapunzel Project. Find out more.

Oct. 2012 - Kansas City Live spotlights Cold Cap Therapy in an exclusive interview.

The owner of a local salon holds a benefit to bring more Cold Cap freezers to the Kansas City area. Watch the KSHB news report here.

Oct. 2012 - A North Carolina salon owner holds a benefit to bring Penguin Cold Caps closer to home.

Salon owner helps Lake Norman cancer patients save themselves a long trip to Atlanta for treatment. Find out the details here.

Oct. 2012 - "Cancer Defeated" blog provides a detailed overview for those interested in learning about Cold Cap Therapy.

Blog explains how Cold Caps are not about vanity, but rather patient empowerment. Read the article here.

Oct. 2012 - A local Montana woman makes history at Bozeman Beaconness Hospital by becoming their first chemo patient to try Cold Cap Therapy.

The 40-year-old financial planner successfully keeps her hair as she enters her final round of chemotherapy. Watch the ABC news report here or read the article here.

Oct. 2012 – Local hair salon raises money to bring Cold Cap Therapy to the Tampa Bay area.

Leslie Betts, salon owner, holds fundraisers to purchase expensive Cold Cap freezers. Find out more here.

Oct. 2012 – Dignitana releases DigniCap data that shows an 80% hair retention success rate for Caucasian and African patients.

Further research shows no evidence of increased risk of scalp metastasis with scalp cooling. Read the article here.

Sept. 2012 - KARE 11, in Minneapolis, covers a local mom that underwent Cold Cap Therapy.

Sunday Berquest praises Cold Cap Therapy for saving her hair and lifting her family’s spirits. Read the article here.

Aug. 2012 - Broward County patient uses cold caps with support from her physician.

A Fort Lauderdale-area personal trainer experiences the hair-saving strength of cold cap technology. Read the article here.

Aug. 2012 - Yahoo Health reports on Cold Cap Therapy and The Rapunzel Project

Another glowing review of Cold Cap Therapy with personal accounts from several patients. Read more here.

Jul. 2012 - Penguin Cold Caps help an Arizona woman look her best on her son’s wedding day.

A patient shows gratitude for the hair-saving technology by becoming a representative for the company. Read the article here.

May 2012 - Michigan chemotherapy patient regains her confidence with the help of cold cap therapy.

Botsford Cancer Center offers cold cap therapy; helps mother of two save her hair. Read more here.

Apr. 2012 - Minnesota woman wages war against cancer by wearing a Penguin Cold Cap!

Minnesota woman is winning the battle against chemotherapy hair loss using Penguin Cold Caps! Read the article here.

Apr. 2012 - NBC News in Dallas/Fort Worth picks up story on Penguin cold caps!

A Dallas woman says, "No" to the wig: Uses Cold Cap Technology to preserve her hair. Read the whole story.

Apr. 2012 - Cold Cap Therapy in April '12 O (Oprah) Magazine

To see the article, as well as news reports on cold caps from all over the USA, click here.

Mar. 2012 - Web MD blogger speaks from experience, and recommends cold cap therapy.

Web MD blogger researches cold cap therapy and other hair preservation options. Read more here.

Feb. 2012 - Indiana salon fundraising

Indiana salon is fundraising to bring cold cap therapy to their community. Read the story here.

Nov. 2011 - ABC 7 in LA covers cold cap therapy

A patient and her doctor talk about cold cap therapy. Watch the video here.

Nov. 2011- Cold Caps in Ventura County Star

Penguin Cold Caps used successfully in Ventura County, CA. Read the story here.

Nov. 2011 - KSEE 24 News spreading the word about cold cap therapy

Fresno patient saves her hair with Penguin Cold Caps. Watch the video here.

Nov. 2011 - ABC Action News in Tampa

Tampa patient saves her hair with Penguin Cold Caps. See the story here.

Oct. 2011 - Seattle King 5 covers cold cap therapy

A choreographer doesn't miss a step in keeping her hair during chemo. Watch the video here.

Oct. 2011 - ABC 7 in NYC reports on cold cap therapy and The Rapunzel Project

The Rapunzel Project helps a NYC patient save her hair during chemo. Watch the video here.

Oct. 2011 - LA Daily News writes about cold cap therapy and The Rapunzel Project

A Burbank woman fights hair loss during chemo with a revolutionary technique. Read the story here.

Oct. 2011 - Twin Cities Live takes an in-depth look at The Rapunzel Project and cold cap therapy

Meet a co-founder of The Rapunzel Project and hear a Minnesota patient's success story. Watch the video here.

Jul. 2011 - Michelle Phan Joins the Cause

Stylist Michelle Phan has created an informational and inspirational video to communicate the importance of cold cap therapy to a cancer patient’s self-esteem. Watch the video here.

Jan. 2011 - DigniCap™ to Test Scalp Cooling System at Second U.S. Site

Beginning in January, the DigniCap™ system will begin feasibility tests at Wake Forest Baptist. This study is the first step in the process required for FDA approval for widespread use of the device in the U.S. Read more here.

Jan. 2011 - Washington Post Picks Up Cold Cap Success Story

Our message is rapidly spreading. The Washington Post recently featured a story about cold caps and their effectiveness. Read it here.

Dec. 2010 - 33rd Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

News of the scalp cooling extends to the 33rd Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Read more here.

Dec. 2010 - Swedish DigniCap™ Featured on

The Rapunzel Project is excited to announce that the Swedish DigniCap™ has begun testing in the U.S., and MSNBC picked up the story. Read it here. 

Dec. 2010 - Kenra® Professional Donates $50,000 to The Rapunzel Project

Kenra®, Ltd., an Indianapolis-based hair care marketer and distributor, has joined the effort to support cold cap therapy in a big way with $50,000 now and a commitment to raise $250,000 more in 2011! Read more here.

Dec. 2010 - ABC TV Features Another Cold Cap User

The story was recently aired by the San Francisco ABC affiliate. View the segment here.

Oct. 2010 - On Good Morning America!

The Rapunzel Project was featured on Good Morning America! Check out the segment here.

Oct. 2010 - AOL News Picks Up Our Story

We’re making headlines once again. The Rapunzel Project has been featured on AOL News. Check out the article here.

Oct. 2010 - The Rapunzel Project Named Charity Beneficiary of Twin Cities Spa

Juut Salonspa has named The Rapunzel Project its Twins Cities charity beneficiary for the 2010 holiday season. During the months of November and December, Juut employees will pay $5.00 to wear jeans to work, with proceeds going directly to The Rapunzel Project. Also, $2.00 from each Aveda candle sold will go to The Rapunzel Project, and salon guests will have the opportunity to make additional donations. Once sufficient funds are raised, The Rapunzel Project will donate a specialized freezer to Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, MN.

Sept. 2010 - The Rapunzel Project Donates Freezer to NYC Breast Center

The Rapunzel Project has donated a freezer to the Weill Cornell Breast Center in New York City. Physicians there are planning to launch a pilot study to evaluate cold cap therapy. Several patients at Weill Cornell have already used cold cap therapy; their success has intrigued the staff and resulted in this exciting next step!

June 2010 - One of the Top Women’s Empowerment Nonprofits

The Rapunzel Project has added another honor, as we were included on the Top-Rated Women’s Empowerment Nonprofits List. Read More.

May 2010 - We Made the Front Page

The Rapunzel Project was recently featured on the front page of Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune. View Story.

May 2010 - Shirley’s Story Catches On

Shirley’s story has hit newspapers across Minnesota! Read all about it. View Story.

May 2010 - The Rapunzel Project Receives Grant

The A&P Foundation for the Cure and Care of Breast Cancer has named The Rapunzel Project as the beneficiary of a $10,000 grant!    View Story.

Apr. 2010 - Two Freezers for the Twin Cities

Thanks to a generous donor, we now have two cold cap freezers in the Twin Cities – one in the St. Paul Cancer Center and one in the office of Minnesota Oncology at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Feb. 2010 - We’re On TV

Check out ABC’s coverage of Shirley and The Rapunzel Project: "Cold Cap" may prevent hairloss from chemo.

Jan. 2010 - Help for Chemo-related Hair Loss is Here

Announcing the official launch of The Rapunzel Project and – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping chemotherapy patients keep their own hair during and after treatment.

Founded by breast cancer survivors, the organization raises funds to help hospitals facilitate cold cap therapy. Cold cap therapy is a revolutionary process that protects a patient's hair follicles during chemotherapy, enabling patients to preserve their own hair. For many, this allows them to look and feel better for the duration of treatment and beyond. Cold caps have been widely and successfully used overseas for years.

To those facing the unpleasant prospect of chemotherapy, The Rapunzel Project is a beacon of hope. To the organization's founders, Shirley and Nancy, it's deeply personal. In fact, Shirley used cold caps during her own recently completed chemotherapy, with tremendous success. And she wants to make sure others are able to do the same.

Hair loss has been determined to be one of the most traumatic side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Yet most American chemo patients and even their doctors are unaware of the existence and efficacy of cold cap therapy. It is this awareness gap, the successful use of cold caps in other countries, and Shirley’s own positive experience that have generated and validated the mission of The Rapunzel Project.

To learn more about The Rapunzel Project – and to help support the cause – please visit the official website:


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