Nov. 2013 - Traders4ACause!

Thanks to the associates and clients of CenterPoint Securities, who donated $21,000 to us this fall. Click here for full story.

Oct. 2013 - A supporter of the Rapunzel Project has created a heartfelt PSA promoting Cold Cap Therapy.

The video has aired in several states and has thousands of hits on YouTube. Watch the spot here.

Oct. 2013 - A South Tampa, FL hair salon holds its third annual fundraiser benefitting The Rapunzel Project.

The money will go towards purchasing biomedical freezers to support chemotherapy patients who use cold cap therapy. Read the story.

Sept. 2013 - Los Angeles NBC 4 News features a current Penguin Cold Cap user undergoing treatment.

She has already experienced positive results wearing her “frozen helmet.” Watch the interview.

Sept. 2013 - Beauty Launchpad magazine interviews Shirley Billigmeier, Co-founder of the Rapunzel Project.

Shirley recounts her personal battle with breast cancer and her discovery of Penguin Cold Cap technology. Read the article.

Aug. 2013 - A former pro snowboarder diagnosed with breast cancer trades her winter hat for a Cold Cap.

After 16 chemotherapy treatments, she kept her hair. Watch the video and read the report.

Aug. 2013 - Penguin Cold Caps help a New Iberia woman save her hair and lift her spirits.

She didn’t want to be known as a survivor—she wanted to be known as herself. Read the article.

Aug. 2013 - An Indiana salon owner’s fundraiser raises $1,000 and receives a biomedical freezer specifically for Penguin Cold Caps.

Now she faces the challenge of finding the freezer a home. Read the article.

Aug. 2013 - USA Today features a Penguin Cold Caps segment with patient interviews on their website.

Cold Cap users discuss their positive experiences and demonstrate Cold Cap technology in action. Watch the video.

Aug. 2013 - ASCO publishes clinical trial results.

Weill Cornell Breast Center reports excellent results with Penguin Cold Caps and TC. Review the findings.

Jul. 2013 - The Miami Herald features two Cold Cap success stories.

Both patients agreed that preserving their hair helped project an image of strength internally and among others. Read the full article.

Jul. 2013 - News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City covers a former cancer patient’s struggle to save her hair during chemotherapy.

She attributes Cold Caps to her success. Watch the video and read the report.

Jul. 2013 - The Winston-Salem Journal reports: Dignicap ready to conduct a second round of clinical trials.

Cold Cap technology takes a step closer toward FDA clearance. Learn more.

Jun. 2013 - ABC 15 News in Phoenix covers Penguin Cold Caps.

A Google search connects a cancer patient to Penguin Cold Caps and helps save her hair. Read the full story.

Jun. 2013 - features a Colorado cancer patient’s success with Cold Cap Therapy.

Keeping her hair leads to an easier transition back into her life before cancer. Read the article.

Jun. 2013 - The Channel 11 News Team in Baltimore features a local doctor’s efforts to bring Cold Cap Therapy to all of her patients.

Dr. Young Lee discusses her “Red Devils Caps of Love Fund.” View the report.

May 2013 - Watch a woman at Baylor Sammons Cancer Center, in Dallas, use Cold Caps to save her hair, with her doctor's support.

Debbye Gregory explains the importance of keeping her hair while enduring chemotherapy. View the segment.

May 2013 - Watch a demonstration of Penguin Cold Cap technology featured on the CBS show “The Doctors.”

Plus, a cancer survivor explains why saving her hair made all the difference during chemotherapy treatments. Watch the video.

May 2013 - A local salon fundraiser helps bring more Cold Cap freezers to the Detroit area.

Inspired by Penguin Cold Cap users, Formula Salon raises money and awareness. Read the blog.

Apr. 2013 - A single Mom and breast cancer survivor promotes Penguin Cold Caps using her blog.

Mary Ellen aims to dispel rumors that question the effectiveness of cold cap therapy. Click here to read the blog.

Apr. 2013 - CRAAB! Empowering People Affected by Breast Cancer profiles a cancer survivor’s story with Penguin Caps.

She’s “doing it her way.” The promise of Penguin Caps delivers beyond expectations. Click here to read the story.

Jan. 2013 - Thanks to Kenra® Professional and their incredible salon partners for raising $100,000 to support our cause!

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