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Your gift is very much appreciated and fully deductible as a charitable contribution. The Rapunzel  Project is recognized as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal  Revenue Code. EIN: 27-1189440

Please note: The Rapunzel Project pays no salaries and has minimal overhead. We strive to use all donations exclusively to advance cold cap therapy awareness and availability.


Together, we can help chemotherapy patients keep their hair

Keeping one's hair while undergoing chemotherapy can help liberate a patient emotionally and physically from the "cancer patient" label and improve self-image, dignity and morale – vital, yet often overlooked, elements of overall wellness.

You can help support the cause, too. By joining the effort, spreading the word or donating to The Rapunzel Project, you'll be a part of helping chemotherapy patients look and feel better.


How we did it:

  • After we learned about cold caps and Shirley's doctor approved their use, we realized we needed a biomedical freezer to make the process manageable
  • We emailed the story to friends and affiliated groups, raising over $7,000
  • Our local hospital agreed to collect donations for us through their foundation, making all donations tax deductible
  • The hospital and doctors involved determined an appropriate location for the freezer
  • The hospital then purchased the freezer, using the funds we raised


What our goals are now:

  • We will continue to raise awareness of the existence and efficacy of cold caps
  • We will use our resources, as available, to further support cold cap use, including the purchase of additional biomedical freezers as warranted

We need YOUR help

Spread the word about cold caps and

  • Tell your friends and family
  • Like us on Facebook! Help us go viral!!
  • Tell doctors about cold caps, especially people connected with cancer care
  • Tell your hair stylist, as salons often are aware when a client needs to buy a wig – anticipating chemotherapy


patients can keep their hair during chemotherapy

You can help support the cause, too.


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