The Freezers

Manual cold caps can be used at any location with the dry ice method. However a biomedical freezer is of benefit to both patients and infusion centers. It saves patients/helpers the cost and effort of acquiring and handling dry ice, keeps all caps uniformly cold, and minimizes the number of helpers needed by the patient. Of note, both methods work equally well.

The cold cap process requires any freezer that can maintain a temperature of -30°C (-22°F). (Note that each cap has to be stored in its own box to ensure uniform temperature throughout.). Specifications for the freezer that The Rapunzel Project generally donates are as follow:

  • Model Number 34-13CCF, white chest style freezer
  • 49.5” long x 29.5” deep x 34.5” high
  • 143 pounds (230 pounds crated), on casters
  • Holds 30 cold caps in individual storage boxes (2 patients/day)
  • Freezes to -34°C
  • 7 amps, 115 volts
  • Quiet operation
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Lid lock with two keys provided


For a picture of this freezer, click here.

If your infusion center is interested in acquiring a donated biomedical freezer to support your cold cap users, please click here for further information.
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