Dec. 2012 - Research presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium supports hair loss prevention effectiveness.

Nearly all patients keep their hair after DigniCap System™ (Cold Cap) treatments. Get the details here.

Dec. 2012 - The DigniCap™ (Cold Cap) system study is published in the Journal of Cancer Research.

Scientists find the DigniCap™ system to be both safe and effective for most Stage I BC patients. Read the report here.

Nov. 2012 - WBAL TV, in Baltimore, interviews a local doctor and her cancer patient about Cold Cap Therapy.

Dr. Young Lee is a big advocate of Cold Cap Therapy, keeping freezers in both her Baltimore and Annapolis clinics. Watch the WBAL news report here.

Oct. 2012 - Fox News features a Whitefish Bay, WI salon holding fundraisers for The Rapunzel Project.

Harpo’s salon raises over $4,700 in just two months for The Rapunzel Project. Find out more.

Oct. 2012 - Kansas City Live spotlights Cold Cap Therapy in an exclusive interview.

The owner of a local salon holds a benefit to bring more Cold Cap freezers to the Kansas City area. Watch the KSHB news report here.

Oct. 2012 - A North Carolina salon owner holds a benefit to bring Penguin Cold Caps closer to home.

Salon owner helps Lake Norman cancer patients save themselves a long trip to Atlanta for treatment. Find out the details here.

Oct. 2012 - "Cancer Defeated" blog provides a detailed overview for those interested in learning about Cold Cap Therapy.

Blog explains how Cold Caps are not about vanity, but rather patient empowerment. Read the article here.

Oct. 2012 - A local Montana woman makes history at Bozeman Beaconness Hospital by becoming their first chemo patient to try Cold Cap Therapy.

The 40-year-old financial planner successfully keeps her hair as she enters her final round of chemotherapy. Watch the ABC news report here or read the article here.

Oct. 2012 - Local hair salon raises money to bring Cold Cap Therapy to the Tampa Bay area.

Leslie Betts, salon owner, holds fundraisers to purchase expensive Cold Cap freezers. Find out more here.

Oct. 2012 - Dignitana releases DigniCap data that shows an 80% hair retention success rate for Caucasian and African patients.

Further research shows no evidence of increased risk of scalp metastasis with scalp cooling. Read the article here.

Sept. 2012 - KARE 11, in Minneapolis, covers a local mom that underwent Cold Cap Therapy.

Sunday Berquest praises Cold Cap Therapy for saving her hair and lifting her family’s spirits. Read the article here.

Aug. 2012 - Broward County patient uses cold caps with support from her physician.

A Fort Lauderdale-area personal trainer experiences the hair-saving strength of cold cap technology. Read the article here.

Aug. 2012 - Yahoo Health reports on Cold Cap Therapy and The Rapunzel Project

Another glowing review of Cold Cap Therapy with personal accounts from several patients. Read more here.

Jul. 2012 - Penguin Cold Caps help an Arizona woman look her best on her son’s wedding day.

A patient shows gratitude for the hair-saving technology by becoming a representative for the company. Read the article here.

May 2012 - Michigan chemotherapy patient regains her confidence with the help of cold cap therapy.

Botsford Cancer Center offers cold cap therapy; helps mother of two save her hair. Read more here.

Apr. 2012 - Minnesota woman wages war against cancer by wearing a Penguin Cold Cap!

Minnesota woman is winning the battle against chemotherapy hair loss using Penguin Cold Caps! Read the article here.

Apr. 2012 - NBC News in Dallas/Fort Worth picks up story on Penguin cold caps!

A Dallas woman says, "No" to the wig: Uses Cold Cap Technology to preserve her hair. Read the whole story.

Apr. 2012 - Cold Cap Therapy in April '12 O (Oprah) Magazine

To see the article, as well as news reports on cold caps from all over the USA, click here.

Mar. 2012 - Web MD blogger speaks from experience, and recommends cold cap therapy.

Web MD blogger researches cold cap therapy and other hair preservation options. Read more here.

Feb. 2012 - Indiana salon fundraising

Indiana salon is fundraising to bring cold cap therapy to their community. Read the story here.

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