Nov. 2019 - Grant gives breast cancer patients free cooling cap therapy.

Explore how a generous grant is helping breast cancer patients take advantage of cooling cap therapy free of charge to ease the effects of chemotherapy. Learn more.

Nov. 2019 - Kentucky hospitals tap multiple sources to offer free cold cap therapy.

See how proceeds from grants, fundraisers and other sources are helping cover the costs of cold cap therapy for patients at two Kentucky hospitals. Learn more.

Nov. 2019 - How cooling caps benefit families as well as patients.

See how cooling caps helped this breast cancer patient keep her hair and maintain a sense of normalcy during treatment, for herself, her spouse and her kids. Learn more.

Oct. 2019 - How cold caps work and offer hope.

Read a helpful breakdown of cold cap technology with insights on how it works, how much it costs and even how you could receive financial help for treatment. Learn more.

Oct. 2019 - Half through chemo. Full head of hair.

See how one breast cancer patient is keeping her hair thanks to cold caps, support from her husband and learning from other patients’ experiences. Learn more.

Oct. 2019 - Raising funds under the sun in Florida.

Fort Myers, Florida, salon and restaurant team up to raise funds for the Rapunzel Project with a special event featuring dining and cocktails as well as beauty advice and consultations. Learn more.

Oct. 2019 - Clinical trial shows cold caps are effective.

Read the results of a clinical trial in Spain in which early stage breast cancer patients used cold caps, and see a detailed breakdown of how successful the caps were in preventing hair loss. Learn more.

Oct. 2019 - Keeping her hair earned her applause from doctors.

Watch one breast cancer patient tell her story of saving her hair thanks to cold cap therapy, winning admiration, and even applause, from her medical team. Learn more.

Sep. 2019 - Read a real patient’s cooling cap success story.

In her own words, one brave breast cancer patient details her journey from diagnosis to discovering cooling caps and using them to help keep her hair during chemotherapy. Learn more.

Aug. 2019 - With cooling caps, patient confidence heats up.

See how cooling cap technology is helping cancer patients in Long Beach, California, boost their confidence and ease the transition into chemotherapy. Learn more.

Aug. 2019 - Cooling caps offer new hope for cancer patients in Paducah, Kentucky.

Explore how cooling cap technology is expanding to a new region to help ease the impact of chemotherapy. Learn more.

Aug. 2019 - Swedish cool cap maker Dignitana brings its cap to the U.S.

After receiving FDA clearance, this Swedish company is bringing its scalp cooling cap to the U.S.; it features an innovative control system designed for faster treatment. Learn more.

Jun. 2019 - Connecticut cancer specialist offers cooling caps to patients.

Learn why one Connecticut clinic is making cooling caps easier to attain for its cancer patients. Learn more.

Jun. 2019 - Take an inside look at how cooling caps transform treatment.

Learn about the science of cooling caps and see how they’re improving the way some patients experience treatment. Learn more.

Jun. 2019 - Working toward 80% hair retention by 2020.

See how researchers are hoping to improve the hair retention success rate of cooling caps — which is already at 50%. Learn more.

Jun. 2019 - Cooling caps help female patients retain privacy.

Some women see losing their hair as an unwelcome announcement that they’re undergoing chemo, but one group is combating that with cooling caps. Learn more.

Jun. 2019 - Meet the cancer survivors who founded a unique cold cap fundraising event.

After experiencing the benefits of cold caps, this cancer survivor partnered with a fellow survivor to raise funds to give cold caps to others. Learn more.

Jun. 2019 - Musician plays a song of hope by shaving hair, raising funds for cold caps.

Michael Davies changed his tune and cut his long hair, after 30+ years, at the cold cap fundraiser "Cancer doesn’t care about your hair, but we do!" Learn more.

May 2019 - Saving hair eliminates internal treatment obstacles.

The prospect of losing hair can be a serious deterrent to treatment for some patients. And that’s where cold caps can help. Learn more.

May 2019 - How cold caps are helping two mothers save their hair.

See how cold caps are helping two women and their families maintain a feeling or normalcy during chemotherapy. Learn more.

May 2019 - Dignitana sponsors legislation to help cover scalp cooling costs.

Landmark legislation will provide cancer patients with coverage for scalp cooling treatment. Learn more.

May 2019 - Cold cap therapy has helped Andrea Pietramale look and feel more like herself during chemo.

Pietramale is holding a fundraiser so other cancer patients will be able to enjoy the benefits of cold caps. Learn more.

May 2019 - Scalp cooling caps can help chemo patients keep hair, but many insurance companies don’t cover the cost.

Studies show the DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System helps patients keep some of their hair during chemo, but it can cost around $3,000. Learn more.

Apr. 2019 - St. Dominic Hospital helps chemo patients keep their hair by using a cap.

7 out of 10 patients using the innovative scalp cooling system kept at least 50 percent of their hair. Learn more.

Apr. 2019 - Chemo patient saves her life — and her hair, inspiring others to follow suit.

Thanks to revolutionary cold caps, more cancer patients are able to alleviate hair loss and maintain their positive self-image during chemo. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - Scalp cooling is now an NCCN recommended treatment.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network has recognized scalp cooling as a category 2A treatment to reduce chemotherapy-induced alopecia. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - Innovative cold caps and scalp cooling systems alleviate hair loss during chemo.

Cold caps and scalp cooling systems slow down the activity of hair follicles, making them less affected by chemotherapy treatment. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - Scalp cooling is gaining in popularity as technology advances.

There is a learning curve to using cooling caps and associated technology, but the results are very promising. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - Pink Gala raises money for breast cancer patients.

Money raised will help pay for treatment, out-of-pocket costs and Cold Caps, which can reduce the hair loss often associated with chemotherapy. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - The Rapunzel Project raises awareness of the benefits of cooling caps for patients who are concerned about hair loss during chemotherapy.

The Rapunzel Project donates cold caps and freezer cooling systems to clinics, making it easier for patients to adopt the technology and retain more of their hair during chemo. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - Paxman launches the world’s first Scalp Cooling Research Centre at the University of Huddersfield.

The Centre, a £1 million joint investment between PAXMAN and the University of Huddersfield, will focus on alleviating hair loss in chemotherapy patients. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - The DigniTherm Click Cap uses Boa Fit System ski boot technology to solve the problem of ill-fitting cooling caps.

New "dialable-fit" cooling cap enables patients to keep the majority of their hair after chemo. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - Doctors turn to an old technology to reduce hair loss during chemo.

Cooling caps, a 30-year-old technology, work by cooling hair follicles, making them less susceptible to the effects of chemotherapy. Learn more.

Mar. 2019 - A cooling cap treatment originally used for breast cancer patients may help other chemo patients avoid hair loss.

Scalp cooling has now proven effective in reducing hair loss among a wide range of cancer patients. Learn more.

Feb. 2019 - Prominent medical center offers cooling cap treatment designed to prevent hair loss during chemo.

Revolutionary Paxman cap cools scalp, minimizes hair loss and offers cancer patients hope. Learn more.

Jan. 2019 - A Utah woman kept her hair during chemotherapy and wants to bring more attention to the benefits of cold cap therapy.

Jenni Thompson kept her long locks during her treatment and wants others to know that cold cap therapy is a viable option for avoiding hair loss during cancer treatment. Learn more.

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