Dec. 2020 - Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute will start offering DigniCap® Delta.

To help reduce the impact of cancer treatment on its patients, Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute is making Cold Caps available to them in 2021. Watch and read more here.

Nov. 2020 - DigniCaps® are helping cancer patients’ self-esteem.

Hear Dr. Margaret Block, a medical oncologist, describe how DigniCaps® are helping patients at Nebraska Cancer Specialists keep some privacy about their diagnosis. Read more.

Oct. 2020 - Scalp cooling treatments may become a reimbursable treatment in 2021.

A recent announcement from the American Medical Association has outlined a path to remove financial hurdles and make cold cap therapy more affordable to cancer patients in the United States. Learn more.

Oct. 2020 - Cold caps will soon be available in more Florida locations.

Cold cap therapy will be coming to more cancer treatment centers across Florida, helping even more patients keep their hair through chemotherapy. Learn more.

Oct. 2020 - Cold caps relieve a mother and daughter’s fears.

Read how the discovery of cold caps and their proven success helped a mother feel less afraid of the potential hair loss her daughter faced from cancer treatments. Learn more.

Jul. 2020 – See the proven results of cold caps' hair-retention technology.

Learn how cold caps work, how they’ve performed in studies and how cancer patients have been able to keep their hair through different types of chemotherapy. Learn more.

Jun. 2020 - Cold caps help ease anxiety over hair loss in ovarian cancer patients.

Find out how cold caps have been helping relieve the anxiety ovarian cancer patients feel over hair loss. Learn more.

May 2020 - Follow one cancer patient’s journey in the COVID-19 era.

Melissa Stern, a reporter at CBS46 in Atlanta, has been documenting her battle against cancer in the time of COVID-19. Learn more.

Apr. 2020 - Get 24/7 support for scalp cooling.

Paxman has announced a new website to help cancer patients find the scalp-cooling help they need, including videos and an online community to connect with. Learn more.

Feb. 2020 - Three cheers for Kappa Kappa Gamma.

To honor their sister Kiara Warren’s cancer journey, the Kappa Kappa Gamma University of San Diego chapter has raised $10,000 for The Rapunzel Project. We’re so thankful for this heartfelt donation.

Feb. 2020 - Susan G. Komen® gains a new sponsor in Dignitana, Inc.

Dignitana, Inc., kicks off the alliance this month with the Susan G. Komen MORE THAN PINK Walk® Los Angeles County. Learn more.

Feb. 2020 - This Petaluma, California, woman has another reason to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

A cooling cap allowed a mother of three to keep her hair and her self-esteem throughout her treatment over the last year. Learn more.

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