Dec. 2018 - Dignitana AB begins developing advanced model of the 2015 FDA-cleared DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System.

With its new partner, ThermoTek, Inc., Dignitana hopes to create a more streamlined single-patient device and release it by spring 2019. Learn more.

Dec. 2018 - A woman does her own research after a cancer diagnosis and changes doctors’ minds about the effectiveness of cold cap therapy.

Unwilling to let hair loss ruin her positive outlook on life, Andrea Pietramale took her treatment into her own hands and still has her hair. Learn more.

Dec. 2018 - Four experts joined a panel discussion at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium to discuss scalp cooling and its effectiveness at preventing chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

Watch industry leaders discuss the importance of scalp cooling to patients and how to achieve strong results, among other important topics. Learn more.

Dec. 2018 - A hospital in Lynchburg, VA, is now offering scalp cooling therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center in Lynchburg now has the DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System available for patient use. Learn more.

Nov. 2018 - Paxman is collaborating with the nonprofit HairToStay to give low-income mothers free access to the company’s scalp cooling products.

The Sue Paxman Fund for Mothers will give free scalp cooling treatment to two women every month. Learn more.

Oct. 2018 - Researchers at George Washington University find that cooling therapy can protect against side effects of chemotherapy.

The team found that cold cap therapy was the most effective solution to reducing taxane-induced dermatologic events like hair loss. Learn more.

Oct. 2018 - Scalp cooling may look silly, but the results are worth it.

For Mai Nguyen, wearing a strange cap was a small price to pay to keep her hair during her chemotherapy treatment. Learn more.

Oct. 2018 - Scalp cooling is now accepted as a way to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.

Initially met with skepticism, scalp cooling is now viewed as a quality option for keeping one’s hair during chemotherapy treatment. Learn more.

Oct. 2018 - Scalp cooling usage is growing thanks to expanded FDA clearances.

The FDA has cleared both Dignitana’s DigniCap® and the Paxman® Scalp Cooling System for use in patients with breast cancer and solid tumors. Learn More.

Oct. 2018 - For many breast cancer patients, chemotherapy is an essential part of treatment.

Keeping one’s hair is a way to cope with chemotherapy treatment. Learn more.

Oct. 2018 - Charleston, SC, doctor is pushing the state legislature to require insurance companies to cover cold capping.

Patients currently pay out of pocket, but more would take advantage if insurance companies helped. Learn more.

Oct. 2018 - Organizations work toward increasing acceptance and coverage of cold cap therapy in the U.S.

Cancer patients continue to benefit from keeping their hair during chemotherapy. Learn more.

Oct. 2018 - Cold capping helped cancer patient Christina Kallery keep her hair during chemotherapy.

Kallery learned everything she could about cold capping in order to fight hair loss during treatment as effectively as possible. Learn more.

Sep. 2018 - Cold cap therapy can help cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy.

Cold caps reduce blood flow to hair follicles, making them less vulnerable to chemo damage. Learn more.

Aug. 2018 - Expanded indication for scalp cooling systems will allow for more personalized treatment options.

Industry and academic experts view the FDA’s approval extension for scalp cooling as a game changer for patients with breast cancer. Learn more.

Aug. 2018 - Insurance coverage for cold cap therapy continues to see progress.

Top U.S. insurers now consider scalp cooling medically necessary in order to prevent hair loss in chemotherapy patients. Learn More.

Aug. 2018 - Two recent studies have found that use of a scalp-cooling device may significantly reduce hair loss.

66 percent of women in one study and 50 percent in the other retained at least half of their hair if they used the cold cap. Learn more.

Jul. 2018 - Introduced in the late 1970s, cold cap therapy has grown in effectiveness and usage.

Two recent U.S. prospective studies of scalp cooling systems support the safety and effectiveness of the practice. Learn more.

Jul. 2018 - Finding a strong support group is key to getting through a cancer diagnosis.

Don’t face your diagnosis alone. Help is there for those who reach out. Learn more.

Jun. 2018 - The University of Virginia Cancer Center is the first in the state to receive DigniCap®.

Tracey Gosse, manager of oncology programs at the UVA Cancer Center, hopes to offer this treatment to all cancer patients in the future. Learn more.

June 2018 - Breast cancer survivor helps less fortunate patients receive cold cap therapy.

After her own bout with cancer, Paula Stahlin donated money to Sparrow Ionia Hospital to help others keep their hair. Learn more.

June 2018 - FDA approves new cooling cap that may help mesothelioma patients keep their hair.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced its approval of the Paxman Scalp Cooling System for patients with solid tumors. Learn more.

June 2018 - FDA clears Paxman’s advanced scalp cooling system for patients with solid tumors.

This expanded clearance increases the potential number of new cancer patients that can be marketed to in the U.S. Learn more.

June 2018 - Study confirms: Scalp cooling prevents alopecia during chemotherapy.

71% of women who took part in the study retained their hair as a result of using the Paxman Scalp Cooler. Learn more.

May 2018 - Woman becomes first patient at UConn Health to try the DigniCap® scalp cooling system.

Patient Marisa Dolce was able to keep her hair while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Learn more.

May 2018 - Scalp cooling treatment viewed as a miracle by many cancer patients.

Making the choice to preserve hair helps patients exercise control in an uncontrollable situation. Learn more.

May 2018 - Scalp cooling with DigniСap® may reduce alopecia during chemotherapy for breast cancer.

A leader in oncology nursing cites research showing scalp cooling to be an effective preventive measure for hair loss. Learn more.

May 2018 - Cold cap technology offers chemotherapy patients a sense of control.

Cancer patients get a mental boost when they can keep their hair and still look healthy throughout the chemotherapy process. Learn more.

Apr. 2018 - Doctors in the Boston area generating support for the scalp cooling process.

Two Boston hospitals recently rented scalp cooling machines and recognize the positive effect the practice has on chemotherapy patients. Learn more.

Apr. 2018 - Scalp cooling is demonstrably safe and effective at preventing hair loss during chemotherapy.

An independent review recommends that scalp cooling before, during and after chemotherapy be offered to all cancer patients. Learn more.

Mar. 2018 - Medication can’t help chemotherapy patients keep their hair, but cold cap therapy can.

Cold caps constrict blood vessels and limit how much chemotherapy flows to the hair follicle. Learn more.

Mar. 2018 - The use of scalp cooling can prevent chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

Quality of life matters: it is time to integrate scalp cooling in routine clinical practice, by Dr. Julie Nangia, Baylor College of Medicine. Learn more.

Mar. 2018 - Study concludes that the incidence of scalp metastases related to scalp cooling is low and should not limit use of this technology.

This article discusses a new retrospective study of scalp cooling research, conducted by Dr. Megan Kruse and Dr. Jame Abraham, oncologists at the Cleveland Clinic. Learn more.

Mar. 2018 - Brave cancer survivor able to keep her hair while battling breast cancer.

With the help of Kenra Professional, The Rapunzel Project and Right Arm Inc., Mara was able to keep her hair throughout the chemo process. Learn more.

Mar. 2018 - Sacramento salon running a fundraiser to aid The Rapunzel Project.

Fundraiser will help provide freezers for cold caps to ensure caps retain effectiveness. Watch the video here.

Mar. 2018 - Cold cap therapy can improve the mental health of cancer patients.

Paxman, one of the leaders in scalp cooling technology, recognized for its US success. Learn more.

Mar. 2018 - Paxman awarded a BritishAmerican Business TransAtlantic Growth Award for its US initiatives.

Paxman, one of the leaders in scalp cooling technology, recognized for its US success. Learn more.

Mar. 2018 - Dignitana AB initiates action with American Medical Association to add CPT® Codes for insurance coverage of FDA-cleared scalp cooling devices.

This move is critical to the wide adoption of scalp cooling technology across the U.S. and will help make treatments more accessible. Learn more.

Feb. 2018 - Rock concert in the Cayman Islands raises $10,000 for Breast Cancer Foundation.

Breast Cancer Foundation hosted a sold out show for its Wellness Program, one that helps cancer patients get treatment and cold cap therapy. Learn more.

Feb. 2018 - A new treatment aims to prevent hair loss in cancer patients.

The FDA approved usage of the Dignicap® for patients with solid tumors last year. Learn more.

Feb. 2018 - How to fight cancer and potentially keep your hair in the process.

Cold Cap Technology gives patients facing chemotherapy treatment the option to save their hair. Learn more.

Feb. 2018 - Maintaining one's hair allows cancer patients to maintain their privacy.

The Paxman Scalp Cooling Device gives women the option to keep their hair and a positive self-image. Learn more.

Feb. 2018 - Polk County health officials weigh in on new weapons against hair loss during chemotherapy.

Some see scalp cooling as an addition, but oncologists in the area view it as a core need for treatment. Learn more.

Jan. 2018 - Cold cap therapy can help preserve a patient’s positive attitude.

Losing one’s hair during chemotherapy often causes emotional distress, but cold cap therapy can help relieve those negative emotions. Learn more.

Jan. 2018 - The Mayo Clinic confirms that cold caps can significantly reduce hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

Cold caps effectively combat hair loss with few minor side effects. Learn more.

Jan. 2018 - Piedmont Cancer Institute now offers scalp cooling in four locations across Greater Atlanta area.

One of the leading oncology practices in Atlanta will offer the DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System to help patients avoid chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Learn more.

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